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SIAS International University is an American owned school and the first of its kind in China. It was approved by the state Ministry of Education and began operation in 1998. SIAS University is located in Xinzheng City, a suburb of Zhengzhou and is in the Henan province in China. SIAS is affiliated with Zhengzhou University and more recently has acquired affiliation with Fort Hays State University. In recent years the Chinese government has allowed this to happen by choosing to develop different options for their own people.

Fort Hays State University has sought to take advantage of these newfound opportunities through its distance learning program. A couple of years ago the founder of SIAS University, Mr. Shawn Chen sought Fort Hays State for the partnership and together they developed a special dual degree program. Currently, SIAS University is the only school with others possibly following soon. Students who attend these universities in China may choose the dual degree option. Those who elect the dual degree option will complete their course requirements to earn their degree from SIAS University and can take at least 30 credit hours of curriculum through sFort Hays State University. This will earn students a Bachelor of General Studies degree with an emphasis on Business Management in addition to the degree that was earned from SIAS.  More